Photos: Signs of the Times: Rowayton's Bulletin Board

The fence at Witch Park facing Rowayton Avenue is a community bulletin board that shows residents what's up and gives visitors an insight into Rowayton.

Like Weston, with its Onion Barn, and Noroton Heights, with a fence near Exit 10 on Noroton Avenue, Rowayton has a spot where all the important events, both community and personal, are posted for all to see.

Editor's note: If you're interested in Rowayton, you may find this sample of five recent property transfers in the area of interest: ""

Lisa Wilson Grant November 09, 2011 at 03:42 AM
I like the hand made signs, seems like the trend is for large commercial type signs instead. Used to be an unwritten rule to have signs only up for 2-3 days, they linger much longer than that now. It's disappointing to me what the fence has become, a wooden eyesore instead of the classic chain link almost invisible non-fence fence that was there for decades. Many were very upset to see what was decided upon without any input from the community. It's almost the same as replacing the cannon with a big plastic one instead,.... tacky...


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