Gone to the Dogs: Fifi the Chihuahua; Poko the Wheaton-Poodle; Milo the Yorkie

Fifi is a four-year-old Chihuahua being fostered by OPIN. Credit: OPIN
Fifi is a four-year-old Chihuahua being fostered by OPIN. Credit: OPIN
Milo was picked up by animal control and brought to a local shelter.  He appears to be about two-years-old and looks like a long-legged Yorkshire Terrier.  He was adopted, but is not behaving in the home.  He has 'typical' Yorkie behavior issues – when he is in someone's lap, he may snap at anyone who comes close.  He is sometimes protective of toys or treats.  He sometimes barks for attention (during meals, etc.).  But he can also be the most adorable, sweetest cuddle-bug ever.  He attends doggie daycare and gets along with the other dogs there.  If you know of someone who is looking for, or is great with, Yorkies please email diezeldog@me.com.

Fifi, OPIN's Chihuahua, is full of energy, always wagging her tail and wanting to play with the big dogs!  Fifi is estimated to be four years old, weighs 6 pounds, and is currently in an OPIN foster home living with a crew of pet siblings. Fifi is bright, loving and good with everyone she meets. She loves to wear dresses and her foster Mom is so proud of this little girl.  

To meet FiFi please email Outreach to Pets In Need (OPIN) at:  outreach@opinpets.org or call:  (203)326-0216.

If Fifi is not what you’re looking for, be sure to stop down the Stamford Animal Shelter, 201 Magee Avenue.  The shelter is open Seven days a week, from 8:00am-4:00pm for your convenience.  You can also visit www.opinpets.org to see all the animals available for adoption at either the shelter or with OPIN, its supporting nonprofit. 

Poko the Wheaton-Poodle mix. Poco is a sweet, older (8+ years) gentle and quiet medium-sized (22 lbs.) dog who was dropped off at a shelter when his owner moved into a nursing home. He was very much loved and  well-cared for (his foster has been able to bring him to the nursing home to visit). He is low to no shedding.  He has cataracts and some hearing loss. He is a quiet, low energy dog who sleeps much of the day -- but still LOVES to walk and walks very nicely on leash but does require some attention so that he doesn't bump into things or get poked by branches. A fenced-in yard would be best so he doesn't wander into the street.  While he can go up stairs, he has trouble coming down (but he is light enough to carry). He rarely barks, but gets excited when he meets other dogs. He is crate and house-trained. He appears to be confused about the recent changes in his life, and may snap if startled.  

Poko is sweet when handled gently, but we would prefer not to place him in a home with young kids.  please send an email to diezeldog@me.com if you can help this sweet dog.

UPDATE: If you are interested in meeting Poko, he will be at Pet Pantry in Greenwich Saturday, Dec. 28 from 12 noon til 3:00pm (290 Railroad Ave in Greenwich, close to exit 3). 


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