There's An Aft for That

What's on your boat?... Name-wise that is.


On the Greenwich waterfront there are several boat clubs, hundreds of moorings and the requisite armadas of motor and sailing boats. They vary in size. And they vary in name.

Greenwich Patch is taking a look at the names of these marine vessels—some humorous, some reflective of an interest or career, and some for which there isn't any explanation.

Depending upon who you talk with, the history of naming boats can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who supposedly began the tradition of naming boats centuries ago on the Nile River. Lore has it that boats were named after gods; named for identification in case of emergency; named after female gods to portend fair seas.

Regardless of how or why the naming rite became an institution, there are some great names on the afts or sterns of boats world-wide. According to BoatUS, their review of boat names indicates Island Time, Serenity, Serendipity, Irish Eyes and Time Out are among the top choices of boat names.

Although Greenwich Patch didn't see those names while taking a 'Kodak moment' to look at some of the names that float on the glistening waters of Greenwich's coastline, we thought we'd share some of the catchy names we did see this week in Cos Cob and Greenwich harbors.

If you have a boat with an intriguing or catchy name, or see one, do share it by clicking on the upload photo and video button in the photo section.


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