Swimming Banned After Sewage Found In Norwalk Harbor

Calf Pasture Beach Park and Shady Beach are open, but no one's allowed in the water.

Swimming off Norwalk's beaches was banned Sunday morning after raw sewage was found in Norwalk Harbor, police said.

Members of Engine Co. 3, which also man's the city's fireboat, said they found sewage floating on the surface of the water when they went down to visit the boat Sunday morning. They said they contacted the city and swimming was banned.

The city has a regular procedure for closing the beaches after heavy rains. More than three inches of rain fell early on Saturday.

Rosemary June 05, 2012 at 02:48 AM
I was on the beach on Sunday and don't understand why we don't have a flag system in place. The signs they had posted on the back of the life guard stands could not be seen from all parts of the beach. It was not very relaxing hearing the life guard blow their whistle every ten minutes and then yelling beach closed for swimming. There's got to be a better system if this happens every time we get heavy rain.


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