Povinelli Outlines Why She Seeks Ed Board Seat

By Anna Saras Povinelli

Republican Board of Education candidate Anna Saras Povinelli held a press conference last week to outline why she is seeking one of the two available GOP seats on the 8-member Greenwich Board of Education.

Here is her statement:

"I am my own candidate. I have run a clean and positive campaign. I have maintained a focus on the issues and I will carry this focus with me when elected. I have clearly and consistently stated that my primary focus will be to improve the academic achievement of ALL the students enrolled in Greenwich Public Schools.

"Although I have been surprised and disappointed to see the focus veering from the candidate’s qualifications and platforms to a less productive series of personal attacks, I pledge to you that I will remain above the fray and continue to conduct myself in a professional and constructive manner. Our kids deserve that and the remarkable citizens of this fortunate town should settle for nothing less.

"I am undaunted by the many emails that have been forwarded to me on almost a daily basis, written by individuals that I have never met, trying to undermine my candidacy.

"I believe in the democratic process and I believe in TRANSPARENCY and OPEN GOVERNMENT.

"Like you, I have heard the rumors and read the emails that some of the candidates have formed teams and alliances. Again, I want to assure you that I have not confused the election process with the TV show “Survivor.” The only “immunity charm” I can see to be granted is when each and every child, whether they be special ed or academically gifted or somewhere in between, is optimizing their educational potential.

"I have full faith in the voters and am convinced that they will exercise their right of democracy and decide who THEY feel are the best candidates to represent all stakeholders on the Board of Education. In my opinion, the Board, the schools, the students and the community will benefit when “back-room” deal-making is abolished and a transparent process is established and upheld.

"I believe in ACCOUNTABILITY and if elected to serve as a member on the Board of Education, I will bring those qualities in MY decision making process. One of the reasons I am running is because I know that many parents feel they do not have a voice in their school system. There are competing agenda’s and what is best for the children is at times secondary to what is best for the adults. I have said before and will repeat again, Education is about the Children FIRST.

• My priority is all children of all abilities

• My first goal is to ensure the Board Of Education hires the best Superintendent for our district.

• Work with my fellow Board members to establish clear goals for the Superintendent and maintain frequent communication

• Verify that the Superintendent feels he/she can accomplish those goals.

• Confirm that the Superintendent feels he/she has the best team working for the district to be able to carry out a plan to achieve the district goals.

• Monitor progress and make adjustments when necessary.

• During this entire process, obtain input from all stakeholders and drastically improve communication between teachers, students and parents.

• Improve communication throughout the community, to all town residents as stakeholders in our educational system.

"I have been actively involved in the Greenwich Public Schools for the past 11 years. I have four children who attend the Greenwich Public Schools at all levels

"I have a strong financial background, which will assist me with evaluating the Board of Education budget, and assure the Board is fiscally responsible to the Town.

"I am currently employed and understand the 21st Century skills our children need to compete in the global economy. I have worked and currently work with some of the most successful and creative individuals, and will bring a new positive energy, higher expectations and my out of the box problem solving skills to the Board.

"I hope to have your vote and look forward to serving our children and the Town of Greenwich.


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