Mayor Blasts CL&P's Response To Storm Damage

A "total disaster," Moccia says.

Exasperated by delays in restoring power in the city, Mayor Richard A. Moccia blasted Connecticut Light & Power Friday afternoon for the electric utility not having a sufficient number of crews ready to deploy when superstorm Sandy departed.

“I have to say that the reaction and the results from CL&P have been, as best as I can put it, disastrous,” Moccia said. “They apparently learned nothing from the last two storms, and actually it’s gotten worse.”

Crews that should have been here the moment the storm ended didn’t arrive until yesterday, Moccia said. “To have crews on standby as they promised is fine,” he said. “To have them on standby in Minnesota -- four days away -- is not the answer.”

Moccia said CL&P appears to be making repairs at the least difficult locations first so it can drop the reported number of customers without power, while avoiding the harder areas.

Moccia said CL&P has offered to provide generators to power polling sites without electric service next Tuesday, and he has put in a request to have generators installed at West Rocks Middle School, Fox Run Elementary School, Wolfpit Elementary School and Roton Middle School.

“I want them wired by Monday afternoon,” Moccia demanded.

Moccia said nothing CL&P has promised has been delivered.

“In all the storms we’ve had, I’ve never been more outraged than I am with CL&P at this time,” Moccia said.

Dirt McGirt November 08, 2012 at 08:09 PM
hey Mayor - do YOUR job in between storm seasons and get the power company, or your Town Clowns, to cut down all the trees ON TOWN AND STATE PROPERTY that are falling on the power lines. i can get my 8 year-old to blame CL7P - but OUR MAYOR should DO SOMETHING about it, not just whine and moan.


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