Letter to the Editor: Senator Bob Duff on the State of BOE Finances

Senator Bob Duff gives his take on the funding issues facing Norwalk Public Schools, both as a political figure and as a parent.

To the Editor:

I have two sons enrolled in Norwalk public schools. So naturally I'm very concerned about the budget woes that have hog-tied the Board of Education (BOE). These budget woes affect our city and all our children. I am a state legislator, but I have no control over how the Norwalk BOE manages the funds allocated to it by the City Council. I can only look in dismay with other concerned parents.

Still, as a state legislator, this news is rather disappointing considering what we were able to accomplish on a bi-partisan basis in Hartford this year. The state delegation fought very hard to successfully reverse a proposed $650,000 cut to our priority school funding and also to win approximately $600,000 in additional education cost sharing (ECS) funding. Normally, that would be great news and a relief to property tax payers and education advocates. But the current situation is anything but normal.

Obviously, the bulk of the effort to pull the BOE out of this financial quagmire has to be undertaken by our local elected officials. Both parents and teachers have a stake in the outcome and should stay involved in the process. As a concerned parent I'm happy to work with anyone to help find a solution. It's in everyone's best interests

Sincerely, Bob Duff

Audra Dunefsky Good June 26, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Bob, you mention the increased ECS funding but I'm sure you are aware that Norwalk gets far below it's fair share, are you planning to fight for increased ECS funding for Norwalk? PTOC, NEF, BOE and many other Norwalk Citizens have begun to fight, will you be a part of this initiative as our voice in Hartford?


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