Westport Eye on the Beltway: Blumenthal on Lieberman's Bill

And, Himes meets with Greenwich students during their class trip to DC.


BLUMENTHAL: The senator recently expressed some concerns about Lieberman's cybersecurity bill, which needs 60 more votes to move, according to Politico.com. He said that the definitions of the bill must be "narrowed" and safeguards "strengthened" when it comes to the type of data that the government would be privy to.

LIEBERMAN: The senator told CNN's "State of the Union" that the Senate Homeland Security Committee has scheduled a May 24 public hearing regarding the prostitution scandal involving U.S. military and Secret Service agents in Colombia.

HIMES: On their annual class trip to Washington, DC, students at in Greenwich got a chance to meet and chat with Himes. "I always enjoy visiting with young people from my district. Their fresh eyes on our issues and enthusiasm are energizing," .

MURPHY: The congressman received his party's nomination for the U.S. Senate at the Democratic State Convention on Saturday with a 76 percent of the delegate vote, according to CT News Junkie. He will face former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, who received 24 percent of the vote, in a primary. “The foundation of our message on this campaign is that nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it," he said.


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