Weston-Redding-Easton Eye on the Beltway: Senators on Postal Reform

Also, Himes discusses the impending lame-duck Congress session.

BLUMENTHAL: The senator is hopeful that the state's two mailing processing centers in Stamford and Wallingford will be saved once Congress passes a postal reform bill.

"We're winning the fight to save jobs, prevent delivery delays, preserve post offices and key processing facilities, and protect services vital to small businesses, seniors, and economic recovery," he said in statement released by his office on Monday. The fight is far from over — but this bill is a profoundly promising step, particularly in preserving the Stamford and Wallingford facilities, so essential to service and jobs."

LIEBERMAN: The senator also remains optimistic about the postal reform legislation. “It is too soon to celebrate, but if the provision in the Senate postal reform bill on minimum delivery standards remains intact, Connecticut communities will experience no loss of postal services or delayed mail delivery,” Lieberman said. “Nor will the state lose hundreds of valuable postal jobs as it slowly recovers from the economic recession."

HIMES: The congressman described the impending lame-duck Congress session as a "unique opportunity" to deal with some of the country's most contentious issues, including Bush-era tax cuts, in "a holistic way," according to the CT Post.

Himes also said that if Bush tax cuts were extended, the country's credit standing would be further downgraded.

MURPHY: Which restaurant in Fairfield County has the best plate of pasta? Well, the congressman seems that have is mind set based on a Tweet he sent on Monday:

"On my way to meet and greet at Testo's in Bridgeport - the best plate of pasta in Ffld Cnty. Argument?"



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