Stamford's Democrats Step It Up

With Stamford's 2011 municipal election mere hours away, Stamford's Democratic Party has received an endorsement from a critical source while criticizing the campaign techniques of the Independent Party.

Over the course of the final weekend before Nov. 8's , the Stamford Democratic Party has received the endorsement of the city's largest union, and alleges that they've caught the Independent Party in the midst of "deceptive campaign practices."

The Stamford Education Association's Political Action Committee announced it's support for Board of Education candidates Gary Klein (D) and June Corridor (R)in a Sunday letter to Stamford Patch.

"Gary Klein has a 21st century vision for education in Stamford. His realistic and candid voice on the needs and improvements of initiatives in the district impressed the committee," PAC co-chair Nadine Kerr said. "June Corridor, a recent teacher retiree, has first hand knowledge of what makes a student successful, how important the voice of teachers is in that success, and how critical the choice of the next superintendent will be in closing the achievement gap."

According to SEA, all election candidates were sent written questionnaires, and if they were filled out, candidates received personal interviews with PAC to decide who would receive SEA's support. "The committee's endorsement was approved by 1400 Stamford Public School teachers," Kerr said.

An October indicates that Klein is a favorite to win a seat on Stamford's Board of Education.

In addition to gaining the endorsement of the SEA, which has an estimated 1400 teachers in its membership, the Stamford Democratic Party of the Stamford Police Association in October.

The SEA has also announced its endorsement of Board of Finance candidates John Louizos (D), David Martin (D), and Mary Lou Rinaldi (D).

The Stamford Democratic Party has also charged the Stamford Independent Party with unethical campaigning as of result of voter complaints that the Stamford Independent Party's Board of Finance candidates Joe Tarzia, Bob Kolenberg, and Cynthia Reeder made automated campaign phone calls from the Board of Finance's city office.

Stamford Democratic Party chairman Jim Diamond said the following in a recent press release:

“This is highly irresponsible and unethical...they either made thousands of campaign phone calls from the city offices, which is a theft of city services, or intentionally had the Board of Finance city office number programmed to be displayed on the caller-ID. It is impossible to believe that this was some bizarre coincidence or a simple accident. 

"This was to trick voters into thinking the call was an official call coming from the city. This is exactly the kind of unethical conduct that led to Tarzia’s resignation and ultimately cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. Frankly, it’s dishonest.”

Joe Tariza, an Independent Party candidate with over 20 years of experience on the Board of Finance, from Democratic and Republican Board of Finance candidates alike during a recent debate.  Tarzia resigned his position as Board of Finance chairman in February, having engaged in a lengthy ethics dispute.

Concerned Stamfordite November 07, 2011 at 03:58 PM
I received two robo call for the Tarzia, Kolenberg and Reader campaign, neither one came from a City of Stamford number. So maybe it was an initial error? BTW, I tried to call the numbers back to leave a comment, but both had a busy signal.


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