Rilling Nominates City Clerk and Appoints Corporation Counsel

Appointing Mario Coppola to serve as corporation counsel and nominating Donna King for City Clerk, Mayor Elect Rilling hopes for "a diverse city body where people represent the demographics of Norwalk."

Donna King, Harry Rilling and Mario Coppola. Credit: Leslie Yager
Donna King, Harry Rilling and Mario Coppola. Credit: Leslie Yager

Written by Leslie Yager

Mayor-elect Harry Rilling announced his nomination former Common Councilwoman, Donna King, to serve a two-year term as the City Clerk on Thursday morning at City Hall.

The nomination of King is subject to a vote on Tuesday, Nov. 19 by the Common Council. 

King served on the Norwalk Common Council for three terms and is currently Chair of the Norwalk Maritime Authority. She was Chair of the Norwalk Democratic Party for seven years (1997 to 2004.)

"I've known Donna for many years," said Rilling of King, who is currently employed in the State Treasurer's office. "She has tremendous connections not only locally locally, statewide, but  nationally in political circles with a body of knowledge that'll serve the city of Norwalk for the next two years," Rilling said.

"I've been in Hartford for a long time and I'm glad to be home," King said.

Rilling also announced his selection of Mario Coppola for a two-year term, replacing outgoing Counsel Robert Maslan.  

"To me that is one of the most important appointments that a Mayor can make because he has to represent the city and work closely with the legal department," Rilling said, adding that Coppola brings a high degree of knowledge to the job."

Coppola, a municipal law specialist, is a partner in a large Westport law firm,  Berchem, Moses & Devlin, P.C. He has provided legal representation to several towns in the area, including Westport, New Canaan, Easton, Trumbull and Madison. 

Coppola, who resides in Orange, was recently named a New England “Super Lawyer” in the New England Super Lawyers Magazine. 

Rilling said his team is interviewing candidates and that said he had spoken to Republican on the Council, the NAACP and members of the clergy to seek recommendations of candidates.

Rilling said that in filling positions he seeks a diverse city body, "where people represent the demographics of the city of Norwalk and will pick the people we think are best suited."


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