Greenwich GOP Opens Campaign HQs [VIDEO]

With a rally call to 'get out the vote,' Greenwich Republicans vow to help take back control of legislature in Hartford.


What they may have lacked in numbers attending, Greenwich Republicans more than made up for it with enthusiasm and a rally call to end the Democratic lock not only in Hartford but in Washington as well.

The party message echoed by RTC Chairman Jim Campbell and Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei centered on the economy.

Campbell chided Democrats for "not having a plan." He said, "We have a plan and the man (Mitt Romney) is going to beat the man without a plan everytime. Now Romney is not the only man like that." Campbell said, "Steve Obsitnik and Linda McMahon are in exactly the same position as Mitt Romney. They are experienced business people—they have a plan, a plan for the state, a plan for the country."

Tesei said the Republican plan is to keep balance "because the pendulum has swung way out of control provide residents the opportunity to work and be successful while the Democrats see government as a solution to equalize the way of life for everyone in America. That has not worked in Europe."

Three of the four candidates seeking legislative seats addressed the group of about 30 Republicans who gathered in the headquarters at 1079 E. Putnam Ave. in Riverside—space that is shared with the McMahon campaign.

Incumbent two-term state Sen. L. Scott Frantz (R-36) described the Democratic "policy of social justice as so fundamentally unAmerican... I want to coin a new phrase (for Republicans) ... opportunity justice. That is fundamentally American."

Six-term incumbent Rep. Livvy Floren, (R-149), told the group, "We need to get out the vote. This is our time. Let's shake the blues," Floren said.

Fred Camillo, the incumbent representative in the 151st District, said this year's election is a set-up for the Republicans to regain control in Hartford. "It is absolutely huge for us to make gains in every arena and to set ourselves up for the 2014 governor's race. This is the jumpoff point. We need to do well in the state house and the state senate."

Candidate Steve Walko, who is seeking to replace retiring Rep. Lile Gibbons for the shoreline district, arrived as the rally ended, said one reason he is running is that he hopes to capitalize on his ability to foster consensus as he did while serving on the Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation. "Almost all major votes were 12-0-0. You need to build consensus on how government should be governed. I want to take fiscal responsibility and consensus to Hartford," Walko said.


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