Doubling Road Home Sells For $7.6 Million

Greenwich real estate sales as recorded in the Greenwich Tax Assessor's Office from Nov. 9 through Nov. 16, 2012.


The top price for homes sold in Greenwich between Nov 9 and Nov. 16, was $7.65 million for 94 Doubling Rd. The 6-bedroom, 8-bath home was built in 2003 and sits on 2.39 acres.

Another top sale was the former Crucitti flower shop at 1381 E. Putnam Ave., the property that's been on the market since the shop closed a few years back.

Nov. 9:

  • 34 Rockview Dr.: Joanne MacLeod to Melinda Lindland; $775,000.
  • 9 Knoll St.: Stone Financing LLC to Robb and Rachel Lemasters; $2,335,000.
  • 1381 E. Putnam Ave.: Estate of Daniel Crucitti to East Putnam Ave. I LLC; $2,050,000.
  • 94 Doubling Rd.: Robert W. and Samantha C. Moro to Frank J. Gilbride II, trustee of the 94 Doubling Road Trust; $7,650,000.
  • 155 Field Point Rd., Unit 1N: Mary E. Spaeth to Jack and Kyle Harcourt; $785,000.


Nov. 11:

  • 33 W. Putnam Ave., Unit 3A: Wenli Lin, trustee, to Lawrence Chua; $825,000.
  • 189 Henry St.: Vincent J. and Teresa Ferraro to Margaret Mirga-Ferraro Wieshawa; $550,000.


Nov. 13:

  • 20 Livingston Pl.: The Bank of New York Mellon to James Sun and Linda Lin; $321,000.
  • 24 Hearthstone Dr.: Virginia F. Boorom to 24 Hearthstone Dr. LLC; $1,455,000.
  • 45 Glenville St.: Mary G. Loparco to Mostafa H. Sabet; $625,000.
  • 195 Bedford Rd.: Tyler H. and Jay K. Harrison to Caroline L. and Hiram W. Emery III; $1,216,625.
  • 195 Bedford Rd.: Tyler H. and Jay K. Harrison, trustees, to Caroline L. and Hiram W. Emery III; $729,375.
  • 6 Castle Ct., tracts II & III: Robert M. Bradley to Frederick W. Crimins; $1,035,000.
  • 6 Castle Ct., tract I: Mary L. Bradley to Michelle Crimins; $1,465,000.
  • 59 LeGrande Ave., Unit 11: Nicholas W. Sampson to John J. Neville; $1,135,000.
  • 23 Dorchester Ln.: Linda C. Blaker to Dorchester LLC; $1,160,000.


Nov. 14:

  • 25 W. Elm St., Unit 44: Carolyn G. Loddo, trustee, to Mitchell Goldstein; $445,000.
  • 1 Northfield St., Unit B: Manabu and Mari Sasaki to Satoru Ohki; $812,000.
  • 6 Sherman Ave., Unit 1: Jonathan Svezia to Justin P. Gladis; $557,000.
  • 8 Shorehame Club Rd.: Joseph A. Cabrera to Marylynn K. Cabrera; $3,000,000.


Nov. 15:

  • 9 Center Rd.: Margaret B. York to Nancy J. Case; $941,650.
  • 5 Lindsay Dr.: May Wan Evers to May Wan Evers, trustee; $3,300,000.
  • 10 Esther Pl.: Joyce G. Ferris, trustee, to Esther Place LLC; $1,408,000.
  • 8 Druid Ln.: Charles E. Standard, trustee, to 8 Druid Lane LLC; $1,360,000.
  • 50 Connecticut Ave.: Mary Patricia Kielty to Robert S. and Anne C. Amato; $905,000.
  • 149 E. Elm St.: Catherine P. Grant, administratriz, to Jennifer Panciera; $760,000.


Nov. 16:

  • 152 Weaver St.: John R. Lyon II to Peter G. Lenane; $850,300.
  • 9 Miltiades Ave.: JNG Development LLC to Richard and Jennifer A. Phillips; $2,650,000.
  • 22 Nicholas Ave.: David R. Quigley and Laura E. Schmitt to Emilio and Carolina Perez; $560,000.
  • 701 Steamboat Rd.: Estate of Mary Hawe Nealon to MAD Holdings; $3,500,000.
  • 40 W. Elm St., Unit 5A: Caesar A. Arredondo to West Elm 5A LLC; $535,000.
  • 1 Revere Rd.: Jeffrey W. and Pamela J. Hunt to Steven and Sarah Klocinski; $910,000.


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