Blumenthal: There Is Hope For Economy In 2012

Senator Richard Blumenthal toured renovation project at Maritime Aquarium on Thursday.

(D-CT) was in Norwalk on Thursday morning to tour the and check out the renovation project that began in September. Blumenthal believes the improvements at the aquarium will have a postive impact on the facilty and Norwalk.

"This will be a world-class destination," said Blumenthal. "I'm proud to be here in the midst of the renovation and construction. It's going to lead to even better exhibits than what we've all known for many years. I'm looking forward to coming back when it's done."

The last phase of the $4-million renovation project is expected to be completed in April. The aquarium is one of the largest attractions in Connecticut with more than 500,000 people going through the turnstiles every year. Blumenthal is hoping the project brings more than new customers to the area.

"This kind of project represents progress and a sign of hope, not just for the initial part of this year, but maybe the whole year and beyond," he said. "For Norwalk, this renovation will draw even larger numbers of people and mean, I hope, greater commerce, economic growth, and more jobs for this area."

in Connecticut has dropped the last three consecutive months and at 8.4 percent, it's the lowest it has been since June of 2009. The unemployment rate stands at 7 percent in Norwalk. Optimism in the city as well as the rest of the country, seems to be wavering at times. However, Blumenthal is confident things will get better.

"I think there is a real strong reason to be hopeful about this economy. There is slow, steady growth," he said. "All too slow and fragile and we need to fight for programs like the extension of payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits to put more money in people's pockets. Create more demand so there will be more hiring and more certainty and security  about what's happening with the economy."


GHarris December 29, 2011 at 09:04 PM
CLUELESS-Blumenthal HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MARITIME IMPROVEMENTS ??? A lot of this was PUBLIC Donation and the man has not created 1 job in 20+ years. Plus chased some of the top companies in the world away from CT on top of his office spending 100 Million YES 100 million !!! of CT Taxpayer money in JUST his last 3 years took CT from the highest per capita state to the "highest debtor per capita state" VOTED WORST AG and never "CREATE" anything. What has he done as Senator is just just more of the same "activist" stuff which is defined as: to arrogantly tell others what to do using other peoples $$ ex: tried to tell Major league baseball to ban tobacco during the world Series who gives a flyin Fart about his personal views he was hired to create jobs lower taxes and put people back to work . . but he does not even have a kindergarten education in those areas, so CT will suffer as long as Blume-in-idiots arrogance comes before sense. Why dont ya do an article about the a.) Ball bearing case b.) $20 million eminent domain loss c.) Hoffman "almost" criminal case that may land Blummy being extradited to Maine to face charges where a desperate for $$ to support his office Blummy went down in flames and cost the taxpayers millions
Kevin Kolenda December 29, 2011 at 09:38 PM
What a WORM! . This was ONLY a photo-op for someone fishing to take credit or be associated with a nice improvement in CT that he had nothing to do with! . . . .and then to tie it in with an article of trying to associate himself to an improvement in the CT economy where he was probably the # 1 culprit in the state of why CT economy is in the shape it is in UGH. Paul Devlin you should be ashamed of putting this out there, without stating that the MARITIME improvemnts have NOTHING to do with this man


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