Bill Requires Smoke, Carbon Detectors in All Homes

Stamford's mayor and fire officials gathered in Hartford to discuss the proposed legislation before the Public Safety and Security Committee.

and appeared before the state's Public Safety and Security Committee in Hartford on Tuesday to show support for proposed legislation that would require all homes in Connecticut to have smoke and carbon detectors, according to the Connecticut Post.

The bill, which seeks to fine homeownwers up to $1,000 and up to six months of imprisonment, is in reaction to the .

A state law requiring carbon monoxide detectors in new residential buildings already exists, according to the Connecticut Post, but this bill would require them in one- and two-family homes as well. It would also require smoke detectors in existing buildings. Previously, only new buildings were required to have them.

Pavia described the December fire as "the most tragic Christmas in the history of Stamford" and stressed that a properly installed smoke alarm is "the only thing that the homeowner has that can alert individuals and families" to a fire.

A.T Sclafani March 09, 2012 at 03:34 PM
IMHO...The smoke detector lobbiest finally filled enough pockets i see, will there be a house to house inspections as well will a fee to the home owner i am sure!


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