Woman Accused of Stealing Packages Outside Homes

Rowayton resident reports box taken from her front steps while unfamiliar car was circling her neighborhood.

A Rowayton resident reported to police Wednesday a box delivered to her home and left on the front steps disappeared around the same time she noticed an unfamiliar car circling the neighborhood and going in and out of driveways.

The woman told officers she was out for a walk with her child when she noticed the box in front of her house on Juniper Road. She said she continued walking, then turned around and headed back home. She said when she returned the box was gone.

The woman said an older red Honda car was traveling around the neighborhood and entering driveways, and she wrote down its plate.

An officer was driving to the address where the car was registered when he spotted it parked behind a gas station at the intersection of East Avenue and Fitch Street.

He asked a woman near the car if she had been driving in Rowayton and she allegedly said she had been there to visit a friend.

The officer said an open box addressed to the woman on Juniper Road was on the ground next to the car.

The woman, later identified as Danielle Marcato, said she had been driving a friend around the Juniper Road area and he stole packages left in front of homes.

The officer asked Marcato where the other packages were, and she allegedly said they were behind the gas station. The officer reported there were five boxes behind the station, each addressed to a different residence.

The officer said Marcato then admitted she had taken the packages and was "sorry."

Marcato, 26, of 20 Carthage St., Fairfield, was charged with fifth-degree larceny and five counts of third-degree trespassing. She was held on $5,000 bond and taken to state Superior Court in Norwalk Thursday to be arraigned.


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