Vehicles Burglarized at Almost Dozen Spots in West Norwalk

Residents at almost a dozen spots in West Norwalk on Tuesday found their vehicles had been entered and sometimes items had been taken, Norwalk police said.

In nearly every case the cars had been unlocked, according to police reports. (Police advised Norwalk residents to lock their cars.)

Four spots along a quarter mile of New Canaan Avenue (including two vehicles at one address) were hit, as well as seven nearby spots on streets southwest of that avenue: On Maher Drive, Cornwall Road, Rebel Lane, two on Coachman's Court and two at the same address on Ponus Avenue.

Most of the victims reported that they had parked their vehicles the previous evening and when they went to their vehicle the next morning found that someone had been inside and left things in disarray. In many cases, victims didn't find anything stolen (although some of them may realize later what was taken).

An iPhone 4 was taken from an unlocked vehicle on Coachman's Court, the owner told police. On Rebel Lane a tool that its owner valued at $100 was taken.

Three unlocked cars parked at one spot on New Canaan Avenue were each entered and papers were tossed around, but the owners didn't notice anything missing. At another location on the same street a red purse-style wallet was taken with credit cards and a small amount of cash that was in it.

Elsewhere in Norwalk on Tuesday an unlocked car parked at a spot on Ely Avenue for only about an hour (from about 8 to about 9 a.m.) was entered and a purse containing an identification card, passport and watch was taken.


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