Uncommon Method Used to Break Into Cars

Door lock cylinders torn out at two locations.

Two vehicles were burglarized last week where the perpetrator tore out a door lock cylinder to gain entry.

The first was reported Thursday afternoon by a contractor whose van was parked in the Webster Street lot in South Norwalk. The break-in occurred on Wednesday, but he wanted to obtain the serial numbers of his stolen property before contacting police.

The lock cylinder on the driver's door was torn out. He reported losing a GPS unit, $400 in tools and a laptop worth $3,000.

About two hours later, a man called police from The Home Depot store on Connecticut Avenue to report his car was burglarized. He told police he parked on the upper level of the store's parking structure at around 11:30  a.m. and he discovered the break-in at 2:45 p.m.

This time, the lock cylinder for the passenger-side front door was torn out.

He reported losing a Sony CD player, an MP3 player and a handheld computer he uses as a Home Depot vendor to determine product inventories. He estimated his lost property was worth $1,740.

The vast majority of car burglaries in Norwalk are accomplished by breaking a window.

There were two other car burglaries reported in Norwalk Thursday.

Someone smashed the window of a car belonging to a woman inside Fitness Crunch at 770 Connecticut Ave. She reported her pocketbook, some DVDs and an iPad taken.

And the owner of a 1997 Honda parked on the street in front of 6 Elmcrest Terr. reported it was burglarized by breaking a driver's side window. The owner said a case of CDs was taken.


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