Trouble in the Tattoo Parlor

The ex-girlfriend of a Norwalk tattoo parlor owner was charged with burglary 3rd degree and larceny 3rd degree after a break-in at Raven's Nest on Saturday.

Sunny Mills, 31, of 12 Woodbury Ave. in Norwalk was arrested on Dec. 27 after a break-in at Raven's Nest Tattoo Parlor at 197 Liberty Square, according to Norwalk Police. Mills and an accomplice were established as suspects based on video from the area. Mills, the former girlfriend of the tattoo parlor owner, had information on the shop's alarm system, and was able to gain access. Then, along with boyfriend, Brandon Lee, Mills is accused of taking money from the safe, which she had gotten for the owner previously. 

Norwalk Police are still looking for the other suspect in the break-in, Brandon Lee. Mills was charged with burglary in the 3rd degree and larceny in the 3rd degree which reflects an amount exceeding $2,000 being taken.

Mills' bond was $10,000. She has a court date of Jan. 9, 2014. 


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