Sorry We Raided Your Place by Mistake, Now Spread 'Em

Just because police got the address wrong doesn't mean you shouldn't cooperate when the Emergency Response Team demands you come out of your office, according to Trumbull police.

Trumbull police officers, responding to a crisis hotline call about a veteran with a gun, went to an office at 80 Merritt Blvd. after a reverse search using the caller's phone number, police said. But there was an error in the phone number, and police learned the address was actually in Stratford, where police in that town responded. Trumbull police said that when their Emergency Response Team ordered a Rocky Hill man to come out of the Trumbull office, he refused. So he was arrested.


When Hamden police pulled over a New Haven man on a charge of not obeying  a stop sign, he allegedly ditched his car, leaving behind his 7-year-old son in the vehicle with 13 bags of marijuana, 3 bags of cocaine and assorted drug paraphernalia.


With a Corona beer between his legs and the remaining six-pack of beer in his car, a motorist was arrested by Greenwich Police on several charges including drinking while driving.


A Southbury student began swearing at Pomperaug High School staff, punched a wall, threatened to punch an assistant principal and kicked at police after his cell phone was taken away by a teacher, per school policy after he was found using it in class.


A Fairfield man was greeted by a 5-foot Northern water snake when he stepped out into his front yard this week. Animal Control identified the snake and released it back into the wild.


A man was charged with driving under in the influence in Fairfield after a witness observed him driving in reverse on a main road during this week's wind and rain storm.


A Darien teenager was allowed to enter the Post Road through a gap between cars while traffic was stopped. In an attempt to turn left, the 18-year-old driver then rolled her Volkswagen Jetta onto its roof . When the accident occurred at 7:30 p.m. one day last July, the teenager was driving while under the influence of alcohol, said police, who recently arrested her on a warrant.


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