Police: Two Wilton Brothers Arrested After Altercation With Cops

Off-duty officer slams on brakes after encountering man stumbling on North Main Street, police said.


An off-duty officer's attempt to assist a man stumbling around on North Main Street early Monday morning resulted in the man and his brother getting into a physical confrontation with him and another officer dispatched to the scene, police said.

Officer Thomas Sullivan was in his private car and not in uniform when he came upon the man and had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting him, said police spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Cotto.

Sullivan beeped his horn which resulted in the man slamming his hand down on the right side of his car's hood and saying something the officer could not understand, Cotto said.

Sullivan stepped out of his car and attempted to lead the man, later identified as Thomas McLaughlin, out of the roadway, telling him to sit down, Cotto said. McLaughlin, in turn, threw a punch at Sullivan that grazed his face without causing injury, she said.

At this point, Cotto said, a Jeep Cherokee arrived and a man stepped out of it, telling Sullivan Thomas was his brother. The man, latered identified as Michael McLaughlin, charged at Sullivan, he reported, and said, "My  brother will knock you out," Cotto said.

Sullivan reported he tried to explain he was attempting to help Thomas, but Michael got in his face and continued yelling at him.

Sullivan called headquarters for assistance at 12:10 a.m., and was joined by Officer Garrett Kruger.

Sullivan reported Thomas fell down, and as he went to grab him, Michael intervened and tried to separate Sullivan from his brother. Kruger reported he tried to pull Michael away from Sullivan, ordering him to stop resisting.

Kruger then fired a Taser stun gun dart into Michael, which incapacitated him and enabled Kruger to handcuff him.

Both men were taken into custody. Michael was taken to Norwalk Hospital to be treated for the dart wound before being transported to Police Headquarters.

Michael McLaughlin, 31, and Thomas McLaughlin, 28, both of 30 Friendlee La., Wilton, were charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer. They were released on promises to appear in court Oct. 9.


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