Police: Man Possessed Assault Weapon

Discovery made when 17 firearms were removed from suspect's home, police said.


A city man was arrested by warrant Monday for allegedly possessing an assault weapon.

Police said Jason L. Dube was found to be in possession of a TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol as a result of officers seizing firearms from his home.

Police said Dube was required to surrender the weapons following his arrest on October 28 by Norwalk Police on charges of second-degree strangulation, third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Cotto said Dube’s permit to carry a concealed weapon also was revoked.

In Connecticut, police can obtain a warrant to seize firearms from a person "believed to pose a risk of imminent personal injury to himself or herself or to other individuals."


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Cotto said police removed 17 firearms from Dube’s home at 52 Maher Dr., including handguns, rifles and shotguns. She alleged officers found only two of the weapons were registered with the state and said Dube told officers he didn’t know when he obtained the TEC-9.

TEC-9s are not included by name on the state’s list of banned assault weapons, but Cotto said Dube’s gun qualifies as one because it has a threaded barrel capable of accepting a flash suppressor or silencer.

Possession of an assault weapon is a Class D felony. A conviction requires a person to serve at least one year in prison, which may not be suspended or reduced.

In order for Dube to legally own the TEC-9, Cotto said, he would have needed to render it inoperable.

Dube, 32, was not charged for allegedly having unregistered firearms.

Dube was held on $5,000 bond and given a court date of Oct. 30. He's scheduled to appear in court on his previous arrest on Dec. 12.

According to Wikipedia, the TEC-9 fires 9mm pistol ammunition. It says the gun was manufactured until 1994, when a Federal assault weapons ban went into effect. The ban named 19 firearms, including the TEC-9, as illegal to possess in the U.S. The federal ban has since expired.


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