Norwalk Street Team Snags Two with Help from K-9 "Kai"

Canine "Kai" helped police located marijuana in a Jeep Liberty pulled over on Sunday for not having headlights. Police also located an expandable 9-1/2" baton in the car.

Larry Jackson. Photo courtesy Norwalk Police Dept.
Larry Jackson. Photo courtesy Norwalk Police Dept.
On Sunday, Jan. 26 Norwalk Police arrested Vincent Smith, 22, of 554 Connecticut Ave in Norwalk and Larry Jackson, 21, of 28 Perry Street in Stamford with the help of K-9 dog "Kai." 

Officers noticed a Jeep Liberty without headlights around 6:00p.m. police noticed a Jeep Liberty operating without headlights on West Cedar Street.

When the Jeep pulled into the Shell gas station, officers pulled up next to it and recognized a passenger in the vehicle from previous incidents. Two of the occupants of the car, Larry Jackson and Vincent Smith, exited the car and were uncooperative with police, asking why there were being pulled over. According to the police report, the officer smelled the odor of marijuana and Jackson admitted having smoked, but insisted there was none in the car.

K-9 officer and "Kai" arrived as police were ticketing Jackson for not having headlights and for not having identification while driving. Kai helped police find a grinder with residue in the car as well as a jar with several small plastic baggies of marijuana, under 1/2 an oz.

A 9-1/2" expandable baton that expanded to 24" was also located in the car.

As police were arresting Jackson, Vincent Smith attempted to intervene. Police instructed Smith to step back, but he resisted and refused to show his hands. Police took Smith to the ground and handcuffed him. 

There were two other passengers in the car, though no one had a driver's license. The car was towed at the close of the incident.

At police headquarters, Jackson was uncooperative, calling police "Fat (expletives), who eat hamburgers." 

Jackson was charged with possession of less than 1/2 oz of Marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a weapon in a motor vehicle. He was held on $5,000 bond and has a date in court on Feb. 5, 2014.

Smith was charged with carrying a weapon in a motor vehicle, carrying a dangerous weapon, interfering with an officer and assault on a peace officer. He was also held on $5,000 bond and has a date in court on Feb. 3, 2014.


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