Norwalk Police Thwart Suicide of Woman with a Cocked .357 Revolver

On Belden Ave, suicidal woman in an elevator pulled a revolver from her pocket and pointed it at a Norwalk Police officer's stomach. One officer grabbed the revolver and blocked its hammer from coming forward.

The following is a press release from Norwalk Police

On Thursday, Dec. 5 at 11:57a.m. Norwalk Police officers responded to 26 Belden Ave. after receiving a report from a Stamford-based attorney that a 56-year-old female client had notified him that she was armed with a .357 Magnum and was planning to commit suicide.

While the officers were en route to check on the woman, the attorney added that while he and his client had been emailing back and forth Thursday morning regarding her ongoing case, she had now said “goodbye” and that her emails had ceased.

The officers had arrived at the Belden Avenue apartment building and approached the elevator when additional information was provided stating that the suicidal woman had just left her apartment and was now en route to shoot herself on an outside bench.

The elevator doors then opened and the waiting officers saw a lone woman in the corner of the elevator. When an officer asked her name, the woman screamed “NO, NO, NO” at the officers and pulled a revolver from the pocket of her jacket, raising the weapon with her right hand and pointing it at the abdomen of the officer in front of her. The revolver was cocked with the hammer at the rearmost position. The officers acted quickly and instinctively with the first officer grabbing the revolver and blocking the hammer from coming forward and firing a round, while pushing her hand to the side.

A second officer grabbed her left hand and pinned her to the wall of the elevator, preventing her from any further movement. The first officer was then able to take the fully loaded Smith & Wesson .357 revolver away and pass it to a third officer who had entered the elevator.

The officers secured the uninjured woman in handcuffs and called for EMS to transport the woman to Norwalk Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

The first officer suffered a laceration to his hand while blocking the revolver’s hammer.

For safety, officers rode in the ambulance with her and noted that she continually made both suicidal and homicidal threats while en route to the hospital. An emergency committal form was filed by the officers with the hospital, as required by state law.

After a psychiatric evaluation at Norwalk Hospital’s Emergency Department, the woman was found to be psychologically stable and released from their care.

Melissa Livingston, age 56, of 26 Belden Avenue, Norwalk was arrested and transported to police headquarters for processing. She was charged with one count of Criminal Attempt to commit Assault 1st degree, CGS 53a-49 / 53a-59, one count of Assault of Public Safety Personnel, CGS 53a-167c and one count of Carrying a Pistol or Revolver without a Permit, CGS 29-35.

Bond was set at $100,000. A court date of Dec. 13, 2013 at the Norwalk Superior Court was issued.


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