Norwalk Man "Distributing Cash to Less Fortunate" Faces Multiple Charges

Marc Damelio, Credit Norwalk Police Dept.
Marc Damelio, Credit Norwalk Police Dept.
On Sat. Jan 11 Marc Damelio, 45, of 15 Ellen Street in Norwalk was arrested on multiple charges at about 2:30a.m. after he was stopped in a BMW on South Main Street.

According to Norwalk Police, an officer saw Damelio do a u-turn in the middle of South Main Street and, while traveling southbound, the  car crossed the double yellow line five times into the northbound lane. Damelio reportedly stopped at the intersection of South Main Street and Belle Ave, exited his car and began to approach the police patrol car.

Damelio was told to return to his car, which he did, and police approached the car to discover a 9-year-old child, Damelio's daughter in the front seat and three men seated in the back seat. According to police, Damelio said he had been passing out money he had won at Mogan Sun and had brought along his daughter in order to teach her a lesson about giving to the less fortunate. He also claimed not to know the three men in the back of his BMW. 

According to police, Damelio had the odor of alcohol on his person, bloodshot eyes and slurred his speech and was taken into custody. He later took two breath tests, blowing a .117 on the first test and a .116 on the second one. Police contacted DCF and allowed the three men to walk away. 

Damelio was charged with failure to drive in the proper lane, restricted turns fail signal, driving while under the influence and risk of to a minor. He was held on $25,000 bond. Damelio has a date scheduled in court on Jan. 21.


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