Norwalk Fire Dept. Responds in 2 Minutes to Heavy Fire at Truman St

According to Norwalk Fire Dept, in a heavy early morning fire at Truman St., one of the families dogs alerted the occupants of the fire

Photo courtesy Norwalk Fire Department
Photo courtesy Norwalk Fire Department
Information provided by the Norwalk Fire Dept. 

Saturday morning at 1:25a.m., Norwalk combined dispatch received  911 calls for a house fire on 92 Truman Street. Norwalk Fire Dept. responded within 2 minutes because Eng. 2 and Truck 2 were already out on another call.

Upon their arrival Truck 2 reported heavy fire showing on the Alpha and Bravo sides of the house. Hose lines were quickly deployed and the fire was darkened down within minutes. Additional companies arrived and immediately went to work ventilating and searching the house.

The two adult occupants home at the time of the fire were able to escape on their own.

One of the family's dogs alerted the occupants of the fire.

Firefighters were able to keep the fire from entering the upper floors. Two cars parked in the driveway were damaged by the fire, and neighbors' siding began to melt.

The fire is being investigated by Inspector Luca Feola for the cause. There were no injuries to report.

Twenty-nine firefighters responded to the scene.


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