Multiple Charges for Suspect in Stolen Car Radio and Phone

Jose Crespo, 50, of Norwalk was arrested on Monday and charged with two counts each for Larceny in the 6th Degree and Burglary in the 3rd Degree after two separate arrests.

Initially, a call came in at Norwalk Police dispatch at 4:18a.m. from Quintard Street where a witness observed a male entering vehicles. According to Norwalk police the witness described the suspect as wearing a hat and jacket with white lettering on the back.

An officer was dispatched and observed a green Mercury SUV with interior lights on but no occupant in the vehicle parked at 26 Burritt Ave. The officer looked inside the vehicle with a flashlight and saw an hole in the dashboard and various exposed wires.

Police Dispatch relayed to the officer that the vehicle belonged to a resident at 26 Burritt Ave, who, upon being contacted, explained that the car doors don't lock properly but that he had a AM/FM radio in the dashboard valued at $200.

According to Norwalk Police, moments later a second officer spotted a man with white writing on his jacket in the area of Burritt and Lincoln. The man, later identified as Jose Crespo, was carrying a white grocery bag. The officer spoke to him and patted him down for safety, revealing that a car radio was tucked in the man's wasteband. 

Crespo was also in possession of a cell phone which he said was not his. At police headquarters officers dialed a stored number labelled 'Home," which led to the owner of the phone who said his Samsung flip phone had been stolen out of his vehicle on Benedict Street.

In all, Crespo was charged with two counts each of Burglary 3 and Larceny 6 and held on a combined total of $20,000 bond. He has a date in court scheduled for Jan. 14.


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