Man Nabbed After Rowayton Resident Reports Attempted Car Burglary

Accused says he was only urinating near man's car.

Police said a Stamford man with a history of convictions for burglary, larceny and drug possession was spotted Sunday morning attempting to break into a car in the driveway of a residence on Ensign Road in Rowayton.

The car's owner called police at 4:01 a.m. reporting he looked out a window and spotted a man apparently attempting to pick the car's door lock. He said he pounded on the window and the man fled on a bicycle.

Additional officers moved into the area and one of them, Garrett Kruger, reported spotting a man entering a vehicle a short distance away on Roton Avenue. Kruger said when the man spotted him, he fled into a wooded area.

Kruger entered the woods with his canine partner, Kimbo, and stopped a man riding a bicycle on Juniper Road. Kruger said the man, later identified as William Valentine, was sweating profusely, had dirt all over his head and clothing, and had a rip in his pants that ran the length of his left leg.

Kruger said Valentine couldn't explain what he was doing or why he was there, but said when he was seen on Ensign Road he was urinating when the man knocked on the window.

Police said nothing was stolen at Ensign Road. Valentine allegedly was wearing a backpack with two cell phones and two iPod chargers in it.

Valentine, 47, of 74 Seaton St., was charged with sixth-degree larceny, third-degree trespassing, and interferring with an officer. He was held on $25,000 bond and given a court date of Sept. 4.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Cotto said Valentine has three convictions for burglary, including a burglary in Greenwich for which he is on parole, two convictions for larceny, and two convictions for possession of a controlled substance. She said officers contacted his parole officer.


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