Man Claims He Was Shot on Woodward Avenue

Police question story; say it's possible he accidently shot himself.

Police are questioning the veracity of a man who said someone shot him in the left foot Wednesday night while he was walking on Woodward Avenue.

Police were contacted at 10:12 p.m. by an Emergency Department nurse at Norwalk Hospital reporting a man arrived there with the gunshot injury.

Police spokesman Lt. Praveen John said based on the angle the bullet entered his foot, it appears he accidentally shot himself.

John said officers at the hospital reported the bullet was directed almost straight down. They said the bullet passed through his foot and became lodged in his shoe without causing serious injury.

The 21-year-old man, according to John, told officers he was walking on Woodward Avenue near Naromake Avenue when he heard a loud pop and realized he had been shot. He said he called a friend who drove him to the hospital, but wouldn’t reveal the friend’s name, John said.

Officers searched the area where the man said he was shot and found no evidence of a shooting, John said. They also contacted residents in the area and located no one who heard a gunshot.

Shortly after the call from the hospital, officers went to the man’s Naromake Avenue home to see if there was anyone injured there. The man’s mother told the officers no one was hurt.

John said officers returned to the home later to conduct a search, but she wouldn’t allow it.


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