Lovers' Lane, Norwalk

Norwalk police share a Valentine's Day story about one of Norwalk's "makeout points."

Officer Michael Silva of the recalls a Valentine's Day story from a few years back with a smile. A report arrived of a vehicle in the Norwalk River near Daskam Lane.

Officers arrived to find the car in the water and shortly after, a young man, sopping wet, approached the officers and reluctantly told them he owned it.

Asked what had happened, the young man reportedly said he was “rolling around” with his girlfriend and one of them must have knocked the car into neutral. The car began to roll toward the river, but the teenagers were preoccupied.

The car had to be pulled out of the river by multiple tow trucks. The parents of both teens were notified since they were minors. Embarrassed and out of a car, each teen was driven home separately.

Silva laughed and said: “Neither of them noticed they rolled away from where they were parked until water rushed into the car.”

Today, condos line the once infamous private spot immortalized in Norwalk police lore by Silva's tale. Other local "makeout point" type spots included , pay to park garages after hours and , police said.

Glen K Dunbar February 14, 2012 at 02:20 PM
What a touching lovely story. Nothing like young Love. Norwalk Police are wonderful GLEN
Deirdre February 15, 2012 at 02:48 AM
Several places near the water


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