Kayakers Treated After Exposure to Long Island Sound's 45 Degree Water

The three kayakers were transported to Norwalk Hospital for observation on Saturday after falling into the cold, early April waters of Long Island Sound, near Calf Pasture Beach.

Marine units from the Norwalk Fire Department reportedly assisted three kayakers who reportedly fell into the cold, early April waters of Long Island Sound on Saturday afternoon near Calf Pasture Beach.

According to a report from Deputy Chief Gino Gatto of the , marine rescue units responded to a report of kayakers in the water near the pier at at about 2:49 p.m.

All three kayakers — ages 37, 17, and 8 — were back in their vessels by the time marine rescue units arrived on the scene, which was a matter of minutes. However the kayakers were cold and shivering and were therefore transported to shore, where an ambulance was waiting for them. All three were transported to for evaluation, according to the report.

Deputy Chief Gatto pointed out that the water temperature in Long Island Sound is currently approximately 45 F — cold enough to induce hypothermia within 1-3 hours. Only two of the three kayakers were wearing life jackets, his report states. What's more they were dressed in shorts and sweatshirts.


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