It's Not Just the Postman: Dog Chases Blind Woman Getting Mail

A mischievous dog gives an elderly blind woman some problems retrieving her mail, a sick raccoon gets onto the roof of a nursery school and a reminder about free puppy training.

A loose dog chased a 90-year-old legally-blind woman away from her mailbox at the Greenway Condominiums complex both parties live at, Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter Officer Tilford Cobb said during the weekly animal reports meeting.

The animal, described by the woman as being a small black & brown dog, has chased the woman before, she reported to officers, even knocking her down in November when it jumped at her, according to Cobb.

"These kinds of cases really bother me," Cobb said. "Where someone lets an animal loose and it's bothering an elderly person just trying to enjoy life, and they see it and say, 'Whatever.'"

Cobb said he would be out to the condominium complex enforcing nuisance animal laws and making sure everyone was acting responsibly with their pets.


Cobb also reported an incident involving a sick raccoon being spotted in a nursery school playground earlier in the week.

After receiving a call from the First Presbyterian nursery school, Cobb took a trip out to discover the raccoon had climbed a tree and was trying to keep itself warm by huddling up against the ventilation system on the school's roof.

He said the raccoon wasn't acting aggressively, but was showing outward signs of an extreme illness he was unfamiliar with, including symptoms like bleed from the nose and uncontrollable waste movements.

Cobb said he removed the animal from the scene of the school, but it passed away the following day.


The Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter reminds new dog owners that the free puppy training seminar hosted by shelter-friend Rob Mullin will take place this coming Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013, at 7 p.m.

The seminar will take place at the new Stamford Veterinary Center & My Pet Lodge on 633 Hope St. Mullin is the owner of K-9 Wizard & Co. Outreach to Pets In Need.

The event will cover general housetraining tips and problem solving for new puppies.


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