Grease Is The Word: Police Focusing On Thefts From Restaurants

Criminals turn grease into bio-fuel for profit.

Grease is now apparently the word among certain criminals. Detectives are investigating a rash of grease bin thefts from Norwalk restaurants.

Police officials said they received tips about grease bins being broken into on Thursday night. One undisclosed restaurant provided detectives with surveillance video of a "grease" truck pulling away from a restaurant. According to police officials, the suspects would cut the locks off the grease bins and with the help of a machine, would transfer it into the storage tank of the truck.

Criminals use the grease to make bio-fuel, which on the black market, is sold for approximately $1.60 per gallon, according to police officials.

Early Friday morning, police officials discovered a grease truck which fit the description of the one in the surveillance video provided by an undisclosed restaurant. Officials investigated the incident on Connecticut Avenue and stopped the truck and the two males operating it. The men, who were from New Jersey, were questioned and then released. Police towed the truck back to the department and are using it as part of their investigation.

If you have any information, or know of any restaurants in the area who have been victimized by people stealing grease, please call the Norwalk Police Department Detective Bureau at 203-854-3011


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