Friday the 13th, Luck Runs Dry for Two at Tucker's Cafe

During the course of liquor compliance checks conducted at eight Norwalk bars Friday night, two suspects were arrested on multiple drug-related charges.

In conjunction with the state Liquor Control Division, Norwalk Police Special Services officers conducted compliance checks at eight Norwalk bars on Friday night, Dec. 13.

At Tucker's Cafe, Aveyourn Parker, 35, of 9 Disesa Court in Norwalk was observed discarding an object later discovered to contain cocaine. A subsequent search found more cocaine hidden in his undergarments.

Police interviewed Tucker's Cafe bartender Laigha Rybnick, 40, of 29 Woodacre Rd. in Norwalk who was working behind the bar Friday night. 

Rybnick was asked for identification, which is standard protocol, and, according to police she was so nervous she knocked over her purse and an unmarked prescription bottle containing Oxycontin became visible.

According to Lt. James Walsh of the Special Services Unit, Rybnick was arrested and subsequently searched by a female officer at which point she admitted to having an "eight ball" in her pants pocket. Police also found cocaine in paper folds and plastic bags behind the bar, as well as a scale which they said would suggest Rybnick was dividing up and weighing drugs for sale to customers.

In total, Rybnick was found to be in possession of over 12 grams of cocaine. 

Both Parker and Rybnick were charged with possession of narcotics, illegal possession near a school, possession of narcotics with an intent to sell and sale within the distance of a school. Rybnick received additional charges for possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to keep drugs in their original container.

Parker and Rybnick were released on $50,000 bond each. Parker has a court date of Dec. 23, 2013 and Rybnick has a court date of Dec. 26, 2013.


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