Driving Through Red Light Gets Cop's Attention

Motorist faces numerous motor vehicle charges, plus interfering with an officer.

A motorist drew an officer’s attention Monday night after he allegedly revved up his engine and “shot through an intersection” against a red light, police said.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Cotto said Officer George Daley was in a parking lot at the intersection of Main and Cross streets when he observed a car stopped for a red light. Daley said he heard the car’s engine noise increase and then watched it dart away before the light changed to green.

He reported activating his siren and emergency lights, and pursued the car for two blocks before it stopped.

Daley said the driver, Norwalk-resident Terry Braxton, allegedly told him he had no license and the car was not registered or insured. He said the rear license plate on his car belonged on a friend’s car.

Cotto said Braxton did have a Connecticut ID card, and while Daley was in his patrol car entering the man’s name into a crime database, Braxton drove away.

Less than 10 minutes later, Cotto said, Daley was sitting in the same parking lot when he saw Braxton’s car traveling southbound on Main Street at a high rate of speed.

Cotto said shortly afterward police were advised that Braxton was at 2 Selden St. in East Norwalk. Officers arrived there and took him into custody.

Braxton, 36, of 5 West Main St., was charged with failure to obey a control signal, interfering with an officer, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, misuse of a license plate, and refusing to be fingerprinted.

Braxton failed to post a $12,500 bond so he was transported to state Superior Court in Norwalk Tuesday morning to be arraigned.


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