Disturbance On Aiken Street Leads To Drug Charges

The following information was provided by the Norwalk Police Department. Neither arrests nor charges indicate a conviction, and neither means that a person is guilty of what police allege.

Melvin Osborne, 39, of 71 Aiken Street was arrested following a disturbance call Sunday, according to .

Police said the disturbance stemmed from a verbal argument between Osborne and his wife regarding the couple’s children. Osborne’s wife then went outside “with a kitchen knife” to remove the license plate from her car, which he occasionally drives, so that he could not drive it, according to police. When Osborne’s “wife was outside of the residence he locked her out, so she called the police,” according to Sgt. Cotto.

According to police, when they entered the residence they noticed a “fifty dollar bill and a white powder” on the table near where Osborne was seated. Osborne put the bag of white powder in his mouth, refusing to spit it out when asked by the officers, and swallowed it, said police. When asked why he swallowed the substance Osborne replied, “It’s not cocaine, it’s crushed codeine,” according to the police report.

Osborne was charged with possession of narcotics, breach of peace, and interfering with an officer. His bond was set at $500.

Attempted Cell Breakout

said, Jester Gabriel-Lopez, 20, of Norwalk was arrested after a domestic call with charges for criminal violation of a protective order and assault. According to police, while in the holding cell at Norwalk police department awaiting processing and paperwork, Gabriel-Lopez attempted to escape from the cell. Police said Gabriel-Lopez was intoxicated when he was arrested.

According to police, Gabriel-Lopez climbed into the ceiling briefly before the ceiling tiles gave way causing Gabriel-Lopez to fall to the floor knocking himself unconscious.

When officers found Gabriel-Lopez he was breathing but unconscious, and had “pieces of the ceiling tiles on top of him,” according to police reports. The officers on duty took pictures for their report and added criminal mischief to Gabriel-Lopez’s list of charges.

Gabriel-Lopez was charged with criminal violation of protective order, assault, and criminal mischief and his bond was set at $10,200, according to police.

911 Hang-Up 

said they arrested David Gannalo, 32, and Alex Rendon, 31, of Norwalk following a 911 hang-up call.

According to police, when they responded to 76 Williams St. in Norwalk they heard loud noises from outside the residence. Police said no one answered the door and they kicked the door in.

Inside the residence, police said, they saw “broken picture frames, couch pillows and possessions strewn about the floor.” Police called out to see if anyone was in the residence when Ganello came down the stairs and was handcuffed, according to Sgt. Cotto. According to police the second man was “hiding under the blankets” in an upstairs bedroom. He did not respond to police and had to be removed from the bed and placed under arrest.

It was later discovered after acquiring identification from both men that the residence belonged to neither of them, but to a homeowner’s son who the couple occasionally stays with. Police said, the men claim the 911 call was accidental.

Gannalo and Rendon were each charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer and bond was set at $2,500 each, according to police.


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