Cops: Super Bowl Weekend DUI Stops Result in 4 Arrests

Four local DWI arrests resulted this weekend when Norwalk police participated in a Connecticut program of traffic stops during Superbowl Weekend.

As part of a statewide effort, Norwalk police conducted 121 checks for drivers operating while under the influence of alcohol last weekend and made four DUI arrests.

Various police departments around the state participated in the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association's "Enhanced Traffic Enforcement Program" from midnight Friday-to-Saturday through the end of Sunday.

Norwalk police issued this news release Tuesday about the results of the enforcement program:

The Norwalk Police Department, along with other municipal police departments, participated in the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) Enhanced Traffic Enforcement Program over the Super Bowl weekend in an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities.

Norwalk Police Officers conducted 121 motor vehicle stops leading to the arrest of four operators for DUI during the period that began Friday at midnight and ended Sunday at midnight. Norwalk Officers also responded to 701 calls for service, including 27 motor vehicle accidents; fortunately, none of them involved fatalities.

CPCA President Chief Jack Daly, Southington Police Department, stated, “Across Connecticut municipal police and state troopers were hard at work over the Super Bowl weekend to help travelers reach their destinations safely.

"This is just some of the work they did. Traffic safety is an issue of great importance to the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association and its member police agencies. Each year thousands of lives are lost on the nation’s highways.

"The goal is to encourage all motorists to be especially diligent in exercising the safest driving practices possible. A concerted effort by motorists and law enforcement agencies can significantly reduce the tragedies, horrific death, and injury statistics that accompany them. Together we can strive for highways in our state that are free of accidents and fatalities.”

To this end, 54 percent of CPCA member police departments reported the following total activity:

Motor Vehicle Stops    2087
DUI Arrests    65
Accidents    366
Fatalities    2
Total Calls for Service    9211


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