Bike Nabbed From Unlocked Garage

Also, resident goes outside to smoke, returns to find computers gone. Windows broken in unoccupied side of two-family house.

A resident of 6 Seaside Pl. reported a bicycle was stolen from her unlocked garage Wednesday.

She said the purple rally bike was worth between $300 and $400.

Computers Stole From Apartment

A resident of an apartment at 8 Pulaski St. reported a buglary occurred while going outside to smoke.

Police were notified of the theft at 2:42 a.m.

The apartment door was left open and when the resident returned, an Apple iPad tablet computer and a Toshiba laptop were found missing.

House Windows Broken

Police were called to a two-family house at 15 Spring Hill Ave. Tuesday evening on a report of windows being broken.

The complainant said the windows were last seen intact last Friday.

The windows were broken on the side of house that doesn't have a tenant.


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