Revealing the Unknown Truth About Our Government

Perhaps, I will share a movie quote from A Few Good Men where Jack Nicholson says, you can't handle the truth.  

Do you even wonder why the government feels the need to hide certain things from us?  

Trying to share an Information Awareness to people that the government has been hiding from us all of these years.

Some may not care, some may not believe or some may find it offensive, but it can't hurt - why not use this as a free informational resource to gain more knowledge or you can choose to purchase a book that costs money which still doesn't provide all the documented proof and evidence that you can find on the internet.  True, there are things on the internet that are stretched with falsified information, however if you do thorough research, you can find genuine information that holds water.

You may ask yourself, why should I listen to someone that I don't even know?  Wouldn't you want to find out some genuine knowledge that has been thoroughly researched and if it can help prepare you for a better future. Tired of unexpected surprises, we are clearly shedding the light on what has been locked away.

We all may share different beliefs and views, but we all should care about our lives and if we can do something about it before something significant has a direct impact on it.  

Let's all share the knowledge before it is too late.

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