Parents Talk: The Birds and The Bees

The Patch Parents Council takes on another hot button issue.

Have you ever struggled with having the birds and the bees talk with your children?

What is a good age to approach the subject? Do you wait until they ask? How have you spoken to your children about it? What are some tips you have for parents having the same talk with their kids?

Patch's feature, "Parents Talk," is meant to help build a community of support for families in Fairfield County through active discussion of important issues. Each week, we'll introduce a new topic and hope you'll participate in the conversation, which will be moderated and furthered by select parent council representatives in your town. Comment threads will close after the weekend.

Please use the comment box below for questions, or to share your experiences and the lessons you have learned. Please also submit questions or topics for future discussions to Associate Regional Editor Liz Mitchell at liz@patch.com and Regional Editor Michael Dinan at michaeld@patch.com.

And if you'd like to join our parent council, let us know.

Jodi Helman April 15, 2011 at 06:14 PM
Perhaps the best way to phrase the question, which would then keep the conversation with kids based in reality, is to refer to the topic by what it is. Are you talking about intercourse between a man and a woman? Procreation? Casual sex? All of the above? It would seem that Patch has a difficult time talking about, too! As a mother of a toddler, I haven't needed to discuss intercourse with her yet. But she knows the difference between her parents. And since the kids go to the bathroom in groups at nursery school, she knows the difference between the girls and the boys, too. I'm curious to hear from parents of older kids, though. Is this a taboo subject, or have the times and the media changed so much from my days as a kid that's not a big deal to talk about anymore.
Crikies April 15, 2011 at 09:19 PM
I think there should be absolutely no rush to tell children about the birds and the bees and all that goes with it. They are kids. Why take that away from them with heady topics. I am obviously in the minority on this. I see some parents eagerly shoving this topic onto their 4th graders! Why? I think the parents are the ones lacking in maturity. It's as if they just want to be able to gossip about it. "Hey, I wanna tell you this secret that will shock you!" Grow up parents. Leave these kids alone. Tell me this, if you say to 4th graders there is a jar of cookies hidden in the kitchen under the table and I don't want you to take any, what will typical kids do the moment you leave? Check it out for themselves of course. But if you never mentioned the cookie jar at all, they would be none the wiser and there would be no issue. Same with sex. Leave it alone already. If anything, we should lean on our society to stop the airing of viagra commercials during main stream prime time. Now I'm seeing women's "enhancement" ads too. My God, what wrong with us! If kids are getting pregnant in high school maybe the kids aren't to blame, maybe the adults are.
Concerned Parent April 16, 2011 at 10:37 AM
I agree with Crikies and I’m sticking with the stork and cabbage patch story.


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