'Doesn't Charge an Arm and a Leg'

A look at comments from Patch account holders in the region.


Buffoon of the Week: I Nominate Todd Akin

“This is why we need sex education. It always has baffled me why Christians are so against educating youth about sex... If God created humankind, and birth is a miracle, shouldn't everyone learn how it works to fully appreciate the gift we've been given?” -

Linda McMahon for the US Senate

“If Linda wins...I hope she can repeal any and all Capital Gains tax which in ALL is so very unfair. Especially to the elder and mentally deranged. It should be retroactive as well.” –

Sallea Antiques Employee Catches NY Thief

“Bravo for the employee! They don't make them like that anymore!” –

Buffoon of the Week: Vice President Joe Biden

“Beltway Biden is DC's answer to Baghdad Bob. What kind of leader would choose him as a VP though? Seriously.” -

POLL: Should Obama for America Pay Westport’s Overtime Fees?

“Let's see he comes to Westport to raise money. Sherwood Island is closed, I95 is shut down, Metro North is diverted , Westport spends precious dollars on overtime and they don't want to cover the cost. I guess they just think they are above it all. They also must think CT is in his camp so who [cares].” –

Brookfield Police Bust Drug, Weapon Dealers on Blackwood

“Nice neighbors.” –

A Restaurant 'Hatched' in Ridgefield 25 Years Ago

“It's one of the few, if any, places in Ridgefield that doesn't charge an arm and a leg.” -

Region 14's Melinda McKenna Resigns

“One down, the rest to go. I have no confidence in the Region 14 administration. We have good teachers who are being shackled by pc administrators. We need competent leaders not kool aid drinkers.” –


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