Blankley Unveils Plans To 'Change Town Hall'

Democratic candidate for First Selectman John Blankley says he will rely upon his business experience to make changes.

Last week, Democratic candidate for First Selectman John Blankley presented an outline on how he would "change Town Hall from day one of his administration."

Here is his plan:

"As a business manager with over 40 years experience I know that it is always possible to make administrative functions more efficient. For example my private company has recently won a contract from another Connecticut town to update their IT system. As I look at town hall there are a number of ideas we can consider:
1. We need to update and revamp the website to make it more user friendly for residents.
2. We move forward with the full implementation of software to consolidate various databases that will make the planning and permitting processes quicker and easier for residents.
3. We must proactively collect delinquent taxes.

4. Above all my door will always be open to residents, who I regard as both customers and shareholders of our town: and I will always be receptive to good new ideas to improve efficiency and performance."


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