'Anyone Who Thinks I'm Wrong is Kidding Themselves'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

BETHEL: "All that call did was alarm me. It provided no details as to why the schools were in lockdown. I didn't know if we were dealing with a school shooting or another phony bomb threat. I turned on the TV hoping to find some info on the local channel tickers but there wasn't anything. So all I could do was sit and wait. I finally checked my email and there was a msg from the Bethel Patch. They're the only one to actually provide any details! Now I feel better. If anyone from the schools or town reads this, PLEASE follow the Bethel Patch's example and give us some details. Being vague only gives parents imaginations a chance to fear the worst!" wrote this in response that after a distressed man with a knife was seen heading towards Berry School

DANBURY: "It's amazing, they'll debate selling liquor on Sunday's for months, but sneak something like this through in the middle of the night (well, not literally, but you get the gist). All part of that progressive agenda..." wrote this in response to news that the in Connecticut.

FAIRFIELD: "I like my cell phone, I bought a special ring-tone that says 'bacon' whenever my husband calls (he likes bacon)." offered this in response to a post by Local Voices blogger Tom Andersen about

RIDGEFIELD: "But how you going to control it? How can you stop kids from using the network for personal messages? You can't. In the workplace, companies routinely set up rules where if you are caught using social network sites, you are fired or your bonus is reduced. It's a system of checks and balances that works. Can we fire the students if they use the network to send around a viral video of kittens riding on a vacuum cleaner? I think what you are going to get is students sitting in class typing on their laptops, but instead of taking notes about social studies, they will be instant messaging their friends. Anyone who thinks I'm wrong is kidding themselves." wrote this in response to news that the Board of Education is looking to bring the high school and both middle schools up to speed with a .

TRUMBULL: "Can anyone explain why residents are being charged for water that will never reach the sewers? When this comes up all you get is the evasive song and dance. As I said, join the brown lawn/dirty car club and when the car gets really dirty write on the side 'Brought to you by the WPCA.'" wrote this in response to news that the town's Water Pollution Control Authority approved a controversial change to


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