Sliders: The New Rage In Fitness?

Those starting fitness routines in the New Year might want to incorporate sliders.

It's a new day, a New Year, and in the world of fitness, that means there are new workouts to challenge people. Over the last decade, the industry has seen Spinning, P90X, Pilates, and Crossfit create a buzz and have staying power. 2012 could be the year that Sliders ride the wave of popularity.

"These are the newest and hottest things on the market right now," said Dave Brandon, fitness director at LA Fitness in Norwalk. "It's an excellent cardiovascular workout that encompasses the core and works a lot of muscles in the body."

Sliders were developed from the equipment that moving companies and homeowners use to re-arrange or take out furniture without scratching the floors or expending a great deal of energy. However, it they are part of of fitness routine, sliders will make you sweat.

"It benefits the upper-body, legs, and shoulders because of the positions you get in when you use this this," said Brandon. "You're taking an excercise and turning it from a simple excercise to a compound excercise. You engage more muscles and the more muscles you engage the quicker you will get to the goals you are looking for."

Quicker is a word that many in the fitness like to hear. A lot of people are on tight schedules and can't budget several hours to work out. Sliders can cut down time spent in the gym significantly.

"In 10 minutes, you can get a heck of a burn with the sliders," Brandon said. "The number of excercises you can do with sliders is endless. Its a great workout."

Liz Geary has been working with Sliders for three weeks and likes the variety that comes with Sliders, breaking up mundane workouts, while producing good results.

"I think Sliders are great," Geary said. "Working out is not always fun, but this makes things challenging and interesting. You get a great burn and it really works your stamina."

blackie January 03, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I don't get it. It appears anything you can do with these silly tools, you can do without them. What's the benefit? You should have downloaded a demo vid.


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