Norwalk Patch's Top 5 Stories of 2012

A look back at Norwalk Patch's most-read stories of the year.


When this weekend arrives, it will be the last one we welcome for the year 2012 before Tuesday's debut of 2013. Here, Norwalk Patch will take a look back at the most-read stories of the year. Some made the list because they were popular, some because they were big news stories, but all made the list because they were important to the community.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Stories in 2012 on Norwalk Patch.


In the face of Hurricane Sandy, Norwalk residents really pulled together to help share as much information with each other as they could. People were uploading photos of downed trees, locations of power lines or just photos the reminded us of the awesome power of nature in the Hurricane Sandy photo section.

#4: Woman Shot at Stop & Shop Wednesday Afternoon; Gunman Fled [Update]

A woman who was shot in the parking lot of a Norwalk Stop & Shop after a suspect attempted to rob her as she got into her car kept the attention of the Norwalk community as the story developed. The victim was not from the city, and K-9 units from Westport and Fairfield police departments came to assist with the search for the suspect.

#3: Norwalk Pics & Clips

Pics & Clips is the local hub for Norwalk residents to share whatever it is they spot while they're around town. Whether it's a sunset on the beach or a walk along an ice-frosted lake or a shot of lunch for their favorite local sandwich shop, Pics & Clips is a great place for Norwalk residents to share their scenes of interest with neighbors.

#2: Marijuana Arrests Down After Decriminalization

The report of marijuana arrests being down across Connecticut following the decriminalization of the drug took hold of the Norwalk community and sent this story to the number two spot.

#1: Opening Schools Wednesday In Flux With Approaching Storm [SANDY HUB]

Hurricane Sandy was big news around these parts, and as power outages and evacuation orders developed, Patch coverage was supplied in real-time. Norwalk residents turned to Patch to find out what was happening in their town, and the Hurricane Sandy hub being in the number one position supports that assessment.


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