'Gee, What a Tax Friendly Fella Malloy is...'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

BROOKFIELD: "It's irresponsible for a body convened to determine a budget to listen to budget presentations justifying the requests, not take issue with individual spending items and then make an arbitrary cut for a number. Residents of other towns know from experience that, arbitrary across-the-board cuts create deficits in education, as well as deficits in core infrastructure that lead to more and more failures in critical services for residents. We must choose to reject that approach and instead fund what we decide needs funding and cut funding from those programs we choose to not support. Giving the public the chance to vote for the original, as submitted numbers is the right way to empower the voters and send a clear message to the BoF, do your job, the whole job. Don't just present a number but instead present a number that is meaningful and demonstrates you have looked at the hard issues and made hard choices. This is unacceptable as it stands." wrote this in response to news that a group of , garnering the support of almost 460 residents as of Monday evening.

NEWTOWN: "Yes, typical responses by the 'Nicer in Newtown' committee. Rather than delve into Mrs. Mascher's son's college career or question civil rights violations--how about giving the Santos kid's statements some credence, along with the other families who have stood up to those in power? Key word is 'power.' Worst nightmare giving someone power, observe them abuse it and do nothing. Silence=acceptance. FROM THE TOP. This town would do well to take the Santos situation seriously. The school system is fortunate to have a brave individual who is tolerating the abuse rather than a weaker student who might be unable to tolerate it and take matters into their own hands." wrote this in response to comments made an article about a 15-year-old who says that

SHELTON: "Gee what a tax friendly fella that Malloy is. Always looking out for the little guy. What people never make mention to is that back a few years ago when the gas got to nearly $4.40 per gallon it was when the price of a barrel of crude was around $150. Do some math folks. What that means is the value of your dollar has plummeted. What that means is we should be doing everything possible as a nation to bring down that price. What that means is we shouldn't be spending ourselves into oblivion as a nation devaluing your dollar even further. But let's go after those evil millionaires and billionaires though. Do I have that about right?" wrote this in response news that the

WILTON: "Honestly, I think these salaries are fair. School administrators are highly educated (generally all have masters or doctorate degrees). They work long hours (I would guess 50 to 60 hours per week) and do not get the same vacation as teachers. It is also an incredibly challenging job. These people would get paid even more for their experience and efforts if they were not in the public sector. They work in education because they believe in it. However, at some point, if you don't pay them for their time, effort, and qualifications, they'll say "forget it" and leave to work in the private sector." wrote this in response to the



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