Andy Rooney of Norwalk Retires at 92 from "60 Minutes"

Rooney, a Rowayton resident, will keep on writing and doubtless will not stop being ornery, but the longstanding gig at 60 Minutes has now ended.

Andy Rooney's last "60 Minutes" commentary ran Sunday night (you can see the final philippic here), as the crotchety television and newspaper columnist retired from the television program.

If you happen to see the new retiree around town, here's two bits of useful advice that could be gleaned from the feature on Rooney that "60 Minutes" ran Sunday night (here's the transcript):

  • Rooney gets testy when asked for his autograph ("What kind of an idiot wants my name?" he snapped).
  • Could you write him a letter, instead? Well ... he said he was unlikely to answer "an idiot who has the bad sense to write me a letter."

Rooney, 92, is a long-time Rowayton resident.

The "60 Minutes" website still has Rooney's television commentaries available on a Web page.


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