Wusthof Launches Marketing Campaign Targeting Young Chefs

The company, with corporate offices in Norwalk, has launched a new campaign that "salutes and aligns itself with edgy young chefs and culinary professionals."

Seeking to connect with younger adults in today's "food-centric and hyper-connected culture," Germany-based manufacturer , with corporate offices in , has launched an ambitious new marketing campaign called "defining the Edge."

The new multimedia marketing campaign "salutes and aligns itself with edgy young chefs and culinary professionals who share the brand's distinction of challenging the status quo in pursuit of excellence," according to a company press release.

The campaign includes the launch of a new microsite, http://www.wusthofedge.com, featuring multimedia content, including video, as well as social media integration. The campaign "storyline" will follow three local "under-sung" food heroes, "The Rebel," Richie Nakano; "The Poet," Camas Davis; and "The Believer," Jonathon Sawyer.

Social media will play an integral role in the campaign — followers of Wusthof's Facebook and Twitter accounts will have opportunity to participate in contests, live chats, and a chance to nominate future chefs and other culinary professionals, according to the release.

Schan T. Gladden April 22, 2012 at 04:31 AM
I'm a chef & I work @ iron hill I love wusthof unfortunately I use Swiss knifes only because that's what my pockets will allow my to have at this time..please keep making good cuttery 4 the world & one day I will be able to have my own set of wusthof's thanks read reading this cook well
Schan T. Gladden April 22, 2012 at 04:34 AM
The best knifes in the world I'm a chef and I love wusthof .. I'm a iron hill chef !


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