'Ridiculously Good' Calzones in Shelton

We think our reviewer likes these calzones at Basil's Pizza in Shelton, but if you go, you might want to take them away from the small, hot, mostly take-out eatery.

Cheese. Pepperoni. Dough. This is what is best in life.

A properly made calzone is a panacea for the soul. While you eat, there are no bills, no troubles, no ex-wives; just cheese, pepperoni and dough.

Ok, that might have been a bit of hyperbole there, but the fact remains, calzones are damn good; excellent, in point of fact, and one of the many places you can find them in Shelton is at along Bridgeport Ave.

The question is, though, is it the best?

The answer is? I don’t know. Yet. I’m working on it.

Though I can tell you that Basil’s is really good, like, ridiculously good, like, brightens-my-day level of good. The shop is squirreled away in a little shopping plaza along Bridgeport Ave next to the and in front of the . When you walk inside, it’s small and hot, but they’re mostly take-out or delivery and there’s a really big oven in there making pizzas and calzones and all manner of cheesy goodness, so it kinda makes sense.

About 15 minutes after you put your order in, you hand them ten dollars and they hand you a piping hot calzone, fresh from the oven, and you, armed with naught but a flimsy plastic fork and knife, a small cup of marinara sauce, and the raw determination born of unbridled hunger, make gastronomical war against the most formidable of foes: the pepperoni calzone.

If you’re in any way sane, you’ll take it slow, enjoy it, and be saving half of it for later; if you’re like me though, within a few minutes you’ll satisfied and satiated but also staring into an empty cardboard box wondering where it all just went. Sometimes though, it’s left in the oven for too long or something and the bottom of the calzone is seared to a toughened crisp, which makes cutting all the way through a rather difficult task if you’re stuck with the wimpy plastic knife, so it becomes a tearing game, pulling portions off with the fork if you’re fairly civilized or your fingers if you’re channeling your inner caveman.

Regardless of how you eat it though, it’s tasty and hot and delicious and bad for you, so it gets four stars from me.

Editor's note: This article previously was published in Shelton Patch.


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