Norwalk Mechanic Offers Winter Driving Tips

Solid brakes and tires are essential, says owner of AAMCO Transmissions.

When it comes to navigating wintry driving conditions in Norwalk, mechanic Steve Grandinetti has two words of wisdom.

"Shovel, and push," he exhorted, referring to a stuck car with spinning tires.

"Do not rock the car back and forth, putting it in reverse and then drive," he continued. "You'll overheat the transmission."

Grandinetti is the owner of AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care at 269 Main St. in Norwalk, and sounded off on winter driving tips Thursday—just one day before a powerful snow storm is slated to smack the region.

Every driver should mend their brakes and tires when the weather gets cold, Grandinetti noted, to avoid car problems in already-dangerous conditions.

Another tip? Put your car into four-wheel drive—if only for a block—before the snow hits.

"This is only our second snowfall, so some people's four-wheel drives may not have been used for nine months," Grandinetti said. "[So] test it out now, on the dry road."


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